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Whether you are in Newfoundland’s Coast for fun, a business trip, or as a resident, you have a wide range of hotels and motels to choose from. From five-star hotels to local facilities, you can find the right place that suits your needs. However, before you book accommodation, you have to look for a place with excellent and affordable services. Some of the things that define a great hotel or motel are highlighted below.


Hygiene is an important feature to consider before making any reservation. An excellent hotel should provide a clean environment for guests. Thorough cleaning and disinfecting rooms, especially at this time when COVID-19 is rapidly spreading, should be done frequently. Besides, bedding should be changed and cleaned daily, or after a guest leaves. By going through reviews of previously served guests, you will recognize a place that observes hygiene. For instance, if customers complain of a dirty environment, that is an indication that hygiene is not properly maintained.


The hotel you choose should be located close to the place you are visiting in Newfoundland’s Coast. However, if you are to visit several tourist attractions, you should look for a centrally located place.

Also, make sure the prospect facility is situated in a safe environment. For instance, you can avoid a place where criminal activities are regularly reported or a place where tourists are mistreated or attacked.


The accommodation you book should fit into your budget. Organizing a trip to Newfoundland’s Coast can be expensive since many people tour several attractions sites. Therefore, keeping the budget as low as possible will help to minimize the expenses. In return, the saved cash could be used in paying for other costs like extending your stay in the Coastal region. Thus, compare the rates and quality of services of various facilities to get the best and most affordable one.