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Parent page: All about Newfoundland’s Coast

Newfoundland’s coast is home to quaint fishing villages and coast for outdoor and modern adventure. Several attraction sites will lure you to the coast. From Signal Hill, a national historic site, to Cape Spear Light House Historic Site, East Coast Trail, Gros Morne National Park to Fogo Island, and many other sites, Newfoundland coast has numerous attractions for you.

To make much out of the Newfoundland coast tour, you have to book the right accommodation facilities. Look for the most comfortable and affordable facility. Herewith is a list of top hotels and motels on the Newfoundland coast.

Torrent River Inn

Are you looking for the most comfortable place to lay your head in Newfoundland Coast? Torrent River Inn is the right place to seek accommodation. This facility is highly rated for excellent customer support, cleanliness, dining services, deluxe facilities, among other critical services. Besides the spacious room and immaculate beds, the motel is strategically located.

Restland Motel

This motel could be your ideal choice if you are searching for accommodation close to several attraction sites. Restland motel offers several amenities that you may not get in most motels. Skiing and hiking are excellent sports events you can enjoy when you spend your nights in this motel. Besides, family-oriented guests should feel at home. Restland motel offers several kids’ activities and a family-friendly environment.

Murray Premises Hotel

This hotel is strategically located in the harbour front of St. John. If you are looking forward to exciting nightlife, then you should hurry and book accommodation in Murray Premises Hotel. Guest rooms are stocked with luxury facilities such as whirlpool tubs, electric fireplace, towel warmers, to mention but a few. Furthermore, after spending the night in the deluxe rooms, you can enjoy breakfast at the hotel’s private lounge to keep you going through the day.