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Although many dining facilities and eateries had been closed in most parts of the world, many countries are reopening the facilities. However, the way the dining business is conducted has changed with coronavirus within nearly every neighbourhood. Eateries have to observe preventive measures to ensure that the dining facilities don’t become spreading agents of the virus. Some of the preventive measures set for dining facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are highlighted below.

Observing Social Physical Distance

The World Health Organization, among other health organizations, is advising people to observe a social distance of more than two meters. Therefore, the dining places that are to resume should ensure they keep physical distance to prevent coronavirus spread. To maintain such distances, the facilities that are flocked with customers will have to reduce the numbers. For instance, if one hundred customers crowded the place, the eatery can reduce the number to around forty at a time.

Proper Sanitization

Coronavirus can live on surfaces for several days before it dies. Therefore, anyone can contract the virus by touching these surfaces. For instance, on a public transport vehicle, you can touch a place where the virus was left. Therefore, to ensure that the spread of the virus is curbed, people have to regularly sanitize. Dining facilities should provide clean water and sanitizers for customers. Before anyone walks into an eatery, the person has to wash his or her hands.

Disinfecting the Facilities

For diners to assure their clients of a safe environment, they have to clean the facilities. Since coronavirus cannot easily die by washing with plain water, eateries should use disinfectants to kill the virus. Besides, dinners should regularly disinfect the place. For instance, the facilities can be disinfected twice a day.

Finally, to ensure that everyone is safe, chefs, waiters, and other staff working on the facilities should be tested regularly.